Publications by Year

The work of the CREATE Institute is to Innovate, Investigate, and Inform. We are pleased to share with you some of our academic publications and other recent efforts to disseminate important developments and research to the broader community. Some publications may be downloadable directly from us, while others may be accessed through the Journal publisher provided in the links. Please feel free to contact the author(s) if you have specific questions about any of the work listed here.


Krajcik, J. S., McNeill, K. L., & Reiser, B.. (2008). Learning-goals-driven design model: Developing curriculum materials that align with national standards and incorporate project-based pedagogy. Science Education, 92(1), 1 - 32. presented at the Jan-01-2008. doi:10.1002/(ISSN)1098-237X10.1002/sce.v92:110.1002/sce.20240
Shwartz, Y., Weizman, A., Fortus, D., Krajcik, J. S., & Reiser, B.. (2008). The IQWST Experience: Using Coherence as a Design Principle for a Middle School Science Curriculum. The Elementary School Journal, 109(2), 199 - 219. presented at the Jan-11-2008. doi:10.1086/59572510.1086/590526
Smith, M. K., Wood, W. B., & Knight, J.. (2008). The genetics concept assessment: A new concept inventory for gauging student understanding of genetics. CBE Life Sci Educ, 7, 422-430. presented at the December 1, 2008. doi:10.1187/cbe.08-08-0045
Sutherland, M. (2008). Reading in Science: Developing High-Quality Student Text and Supporting Effective Teacher Enactment. The Elementary School Journal, 109(2), 162 - 180. presented at the Jan-11-2008. doi:10.1086/59572510.1086/590524


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